Enjoy a Massage Wash Today

Massage Wash is a unique new fun service with the slogan:
“Enjoy a Massage Wash -  Experience the Same Loving Care You Give Your Car.” 

In the service, as shown in the Massage Wash video, people experience a massage while fully dressed, in which they are rubbed down on a massage table for 5-30 minutes by a Massage Wash team, who massage them much like detailers might polish up a car, using sponges, squeegees, soft brushes, and cloths. 

Now you can experience your own Massage Wash video -- or get one of our Massage Wash party kits, so you can put on your own Massage Wash party. 

Invite guests to dress up however they want -- and if you don't have a massage table, get one of our soft blow up Massage Wash mattress pads, which you can put on any long table or on the floor.  

Then, everyone can relax and enjoy!

You'll also find Massage Wash buttons, bumper stickers, T-shirts, and greeting cards, which you can buy in our Massage Wash store. 

And coming soon, a Massage Wash game, sure to liven up any party, picnic, or family gathering.



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